Styling the Mock Neck

The Superfine Lambswool Mock Neck
Our mock neck is a stylish alternative to the crew neck and is inspired by the garment of choice of creatives and intellectuals of the “beat generation” of the 50s and 60s (aka the “beatniks”), counting the likes of Bob Dylan, Michel Foucault and John Lennon among its champions. In keeping with its beatnik roots, the mock neck has a higher collar that rises half way up the neck, and would make for an elegant companion to a wide variety of outfits, for example, with tailoring in substitution to the shirt and tie, or with casual pieces like denim, leather or suede jackets.

As it is knitted close to the body in our signature slim fit, it can be worn as a base layer, underneath a shirt for extra warmth in substitution of a basic crew neck t-shirt (the superfine lambswool making it a gentle fibre against the skin), or as a sweater over a shirt, the mid-rise sweater collar allowing a small rim of the shirt collar to show without you having to pop the shirt collar, avoiding mostly unwelcome mid-90s pop culture references!

Superfine Lambswool Mock Neck in Oatmeal 

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool mock neck in oatmeal

Chambray shirt underneath mock neck sweater
Brown houndstooth sport coat
Dark raw selvedge denim jeans
Brown suede chukka boots

The mock neck works as stylish alternative to a crew neck – avoiding the ubiquitous shirt under crew neck sweater winter look. The mid-rise mock neck collar allows a small rim of the shirt collar to show, without having to pop it.

Chambray goes well with the oatmeal colour of the sweater, which in turn complements the slightly darker brown houndstooth of the sport coat. Straight, slightly wider legged raw dark selvedge denim and suede chukka boots to casualise a more formal upper part of the outfit.

Outfit 2.
Superfine lambswool mock neck in oatmeal

Denim shirt over mock neck sweater
Brown vintage leather bomber
Charcoal flannel trousers

Swap the shirt and mock neck round and use the mock neck as a warm base layer, with a denim shirt over the top. We find the light oatmeal colour goes well with lighter wash denim. Complete the look with a brown vintage leather bomber - the distressed leather complementing the ruggedness of the worn in denim shirt, and the brown leather also complements the oatmeal colour of the mock neck.
Smart charcoal trousers to balance out the more casual upper part of the outfit.

Superfine Lambswool Mock Neck in Navy

The dark navy of our mock neck is a versatile colour, pairing well with light, medium or dark bottoms:

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool mock neck in navy

Black and mustard bandana
Dark navy and mustard check sport coat
Light wash vintage denim
Black loafers

Navy on navy combination with the mock neck and check sport coat – but note the slightly different shade of the navies, so they don’t clash. The check pattern of the sport coat further differentiates it from the block colour of the mock neck sweater. Light wash denim to help the outfit stay within an all blue palette but contrasts the darker colours up top. Bandana worn just underneath the mock neck collar and peeking out a little - we find this helps reduce irritation if you find turtlenecks scratchy, although we are confident our one will not be, given it is made with the world's preeminent superfine lambswool.

Black and mustard bandana, the mustard on the bandana to match the mustard on the check sport coat. The bandana is normally worn round the neck and has workwear / western references, but here the pattern we have chosen is an elevated paisley, and sliding it in underneath the collar gives the whole outfit an air of sophistication - balanced out by the more rugged lower part of the outfit by way of the light wash vintage denim.

Outfit 2.
Superfine lambswool mock neck in navy

Medium to light wash denim jacket
Off-white jeans

Casual denim jacket with navy mock neck and slim off-white jeans, inspired by how Beatniks would have worn their mock necks in the 60s and 70s. The medium to light wash of the denim jacket provides contrasts against the darker navy of the mock neck. The off-white of the trousers works well with dark navy and medium shade blues. The slim trousers and navy mock neck combination harks back to the era of French new wave style icons – the likes of Jean-Pierre Léaud and Jean-Paul Belmondo would have been proud.

Outfit 3.
Superfine lambswool mock neck in navy

Blue corduroy shirt
White jeans or charcoal flannel trousers
Flannel suit
Shawl collar cardigan
Black chelsea boots

Blue corduroy shirt layered over the navy mock neck this time – the lighter blue against the darker navy to achieve a tonal palette. Either wear the combination with white trousers for a more casual ensemble or with a dark grey flannel suit. 

The mock neck adds warmth and interest to what would otherwise be a plain suit and shirt combination.

For those walks out in the depth of winter, layer our 1.2 kilo shawl collar cardigan in grey mélange over the top as a great cloak for a quadrupling of warmth and tonal layering.

Superfine Lambswool Mock Neck in Dark Brown

Our mock neck is equally at home dressed up or dressed down, as seen here with a pair of medium wash jeans and a pair of smart brown check trousers:

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool mock neck in dark brown

Vintage denim trucker
Brown check trousers
Suede chukka boots
Shawl collar cardigan in ecru

The lighter brown check trousers complement the dark brown mock neck.
The check on the trousers injects some pattern to an outfit that has only block colours (in the mock neck and denim jacket). Brown suede shoes to match the brown check trousers and dark brown mock neck. The denim trucker provides a casual contrast against the more formal bottom. Layer our shawl collar cardigan in ecru over the top for extra warmth.

Outfit 2.
Superfine lambswool mock neck in dark brown

Medium wash jeans
Brown chelsea boots
Brown, burgundy and mustard check sport coat

We find that the slim fit mock neck goes well with high rise slim fit jeans – a combination much favoured by beatniks of the 60s. We have chosen a sport coat with burgundy and mustard checks to add interest to the outfit. The sport coat mixes well with the more informal bottom half. The jeans have no break, just touching the chelsea boots – we find this length to be most flattering. We are generally not a big fan of excess fabric, as shown by the fit of our knitwear!

Superfine Lambswool Mock Neck in Vintage Camel 

This camel colour we have chosen has a slight tint of terracotta orange, the sort of camel that you see a lot of in the 60s and 70s, hence “vintage camel”. We find this shade of camel has a certain air of masculinity to it, compared to more standard camel shades these days which tend to have more of a sand/beige tint.

The vintage camel makes it a great colour to pair with denims and other brown leathers, as shown in our outfit here. We first layered a denim shirt over the top:

We then layered a western inspired slim brown suede shacket over the top. The brown suede and the vintage camel, we find, is a particularly appealing pairing. It is finished with dark charcoal flannels and white sneakers to casualise the look.
You could also have worn lighter coloured bottoms such as off-white jeans – which would go well with the denim shirt and the vintage camel.