The Finest Yarn Spinners

Once you have your hands on the world’s finest fibres, you are 1/3 of the way there creating the world’s finest knitwear. The second stage is to partner with the world’s finest yarn spinners.

Yarn spinners are those that turn the raw fibres into cones of yarn:

The Importance of High Quality Yarn

A high quality yarn is one which creates volume when it is knitted, has a soft, comfortable handle, and yet is strong and robust, as well as akes and retains colour well, giving the resulting knitwear a lustre not just on first purchase, but decades later after several washes.

As with any ingredient, there is entry level quality, medium quality, and the very highest quality - each with its own price point. We only use the best of the best - the pinnacle of what a yarn spinner can achieve for a particular material.

The Elite

When it comes to yarn spinners, there is a small group of heritage, elite spinners that are regarded by the luxury industry as the world’s very best, based predominantly in Scotland and Italy. 

They are some of the oldest mills in the world, and through decades, sometimes centuries of relentless hunt for perfection, have won them the undisputed status as a member of the yarn spinners' elite. 

They are also often, engaged in healthy competition with each other, to "one-up" the other on the most technical and minute of detail - a single-minded, dogged pursuit of quality that is sometimes even bordering on obsession. 

Todd & Duncan's sea of colour swatches

King of Kings - each Yarn Spinner's Speciality

Although these elite yarn spinners produce a range of yarns (cashmere, merino, cashmere blended with silk, cotton etc.), they each have their own speciality, a certain type of yarn that they are particularly famous for. 

Partnering with the elite group of yarn spinners means we can guarantee we are getting the best. But we don't stop there - depending on the yarn we want to use, we pick from each spinner's speciality, so that we know we are getting the best of the best.  

For example, many of the top yarn spinners produce 100% cashmere to an extremely high standard, but we have chosen to use Todd & Duncan for our 100% cashmere garments as in our experience their yarn produces a slightly more robust handle than its pairs. The difference is minuscule, but we are insistent on even the smallest of margins when it comes to quality.

On the other hand, we would use 70% cashmere 30% silk yarn from Cariaggi - experts at creating very fine cashmere blends, and 100% extrafine merino from Zegna Baruffa - the undisputed kings of merino craftsmanship.

Each of these is regarded as one of the world’s best spinners in their own right, but they each of their own particular area of expertise.

Find out more about each yarn spinner that we partner with and in which area of expertise they reign supreme by clicking the links below.

Todd & Duncan




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