The Finest Fibres

Cream of the Crop: What Makes our Fibres the World's Finest

The backbone of any high quality knitwear is the quality of the raw fibres. There is a lot of knitwear today that contains a blend of natural and synthetic fibres (such as acrylic, nylon, polyester), however, 100% natural fibres are always far better for the skin, not to mention better for the environment. Natural fibres are also more breathable and wear better over time. 

It goes without saying that we only use 100% natural fibres for our garments which are bio-degradable. However, even in the world of natural fibres, there is a hierarchy in quality and this has an impact on the softness and durability of the final garment.

All of the fibres used to make our garments are widely accepted in the industry as the highest quality. This is because we only work with the world's most highly regarded yarn spinners, such as Todd & Duncan, Cariaggi Lanificio and Zegna Baruffa, to name a few, who have decades of experience sourcing the highest quality fibres for their yarns, and who hold themselves to the highest standards of quality control well beyond industry norms. It is for this reason that many of the world’s luxury brands rely on these spinners to source, process and manufacture the yarns that make up their garments. 

Find out more about the fibres we use below:




Superfine lambswool




cashmere silk




cashmere cotton





Extrafine Merino





Cashmere Linen





Cashmere Wool


Using the most premium fibre forms the foundation of the quality of our garments, but it is the combination with our yarn spinners' and knitwear manufacturer's expertise that makes our knitwear some of the best in the world. 

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