Cashmere Wool - Luxury and Sportiness Combined

As with all garments that we create, we like to harness the best qualities of each natural fibre, and this is what we hope to have achieved with our cashmere wool garments. 

Cashmere is a luxury fibre - it is light, incredibly soft against the skin, yet has incredible insulating qualities that you wouldn’t expect of a fibre so light and soft.


Cashmere linen


Wool has been the backbone of clothing for hundreds of years and for good reason - being a natural fibre, it is moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and odour resistant. For this reason it is a material used for a lot of high end sportswear.

Luxury linen and sportiness combined

We thought that it would make sense therefore, for a couple of our sportswear inspired pieces, the chalet cable sweater and the captain’s funnel neck, to blend the qualities of these two, and hence our choice of using cashmere wool for these two garments - luxury and sportiness combined. 

Cashmere wool chalet cable sweater

This style is inspired by old ski sweaters that people used to wear on the slopes before the mid 20th century. In homage to the sport, the chalet cable sweater is made in a cashmere wool blend - so that you get the luxury softness of cashmere, but also the sporty resilience, shape-keeping nature of wool - the best of both worlds. This is so you can enjoy the comfort of cashmere, the luxury of the world’s preeminent fibre against your skin whilst having wool as a base fibre in the garment which helps keep you at am ambient temperature when skiing without over-heating.

Of course, it is a great sweater just to throw on for a walk in the park on the weekends, and the benefits of the cashmere blended with wool also apply in all casual settings, not just the slopes!

Cashmere slub wool captain’s funnel neck

This style is inspired by the old naval sweaters that captains used to wear and have accompany them for much of their life. Much like the chalet cable sweater, it is another sweater that is inspired by action men and women - one which wold have seen, and expects to see, a lot of strenuous activity. What’s more, we wanted to emulate the beautifully aged texture of old captain’s sweaters, and so for this particular style, we thought it most appropriate to use a cashmere and slub wool blend to create this garment.

The cashmere, again, gives the garment a touch of luxury, so that it remains soft against the skin. The slub wool is a special kind of wool that is produced with a slightly uneven texture which emulates the texture of aged sweaters. Combined with the cashmere, you have a sweater that is comfortable and cosy to wear on account of the cashmere, but also retains that rugged resilience you’d expect of hardy wool.

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