Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia S.p.A.

The Obsession with Creating the World’s Finest Merino

Hailing from Borgosesia, Northern Italy, Zegna Baruffa is a titan in the textile industry, known for embodying the pinnacle of expertise and precision to craft excellence in a thread.

In the search for a lightweight, resilient material that is as smooth as silk and comfortable as cashmere, Zegna Baruffa spent years developing and perfecting the world’s finest merino yarn – a yarn that is fully wool, but with a smoothness, lustre and soft texture that is never seen before. This relentless research and development culminated in the unique CASHWOOL® merino yarn in 1978 – widely recognised as the world’s finest merino yarn and which is certified according to Woolmark quality standards.

The Obsession with Creating the World’s Finest Merino

It is a merino yarn that is unrivalled in its softness, its wearability, ability to take and retain colour as well as robustness. As a material, it is perfect for garments that are designed for regular, all-seasons, day-to-day wear.

For these reasons, we chose to embrace Zegna Barruffa’s premium yarn for our extrafine merino offering which consists of elevated sporty essentials, such as the merino sport shirt, merino henley shirt, merino father's polo shirt, and the merino club cardigan.

The Origins of Zegna Baruffa

Inspired by English worsted spinning mills, the Atongini brothers founded the company F.lli Antongini & Comp. in 1850, in Aranco. In the following years, the company began to expand internationally. During that time, exported yarn ceased to be valued solely based on the price of the wool, but instead shifted to the craftsmanship involved in its production. Motivated by this change, the Zegna Baruffa brothers' company dedicated themselves to enhancing their crafting techniques, allowing them to distinguish themselves based on the quality of their technical capabilities compared to their competitors. This served to become one of Zegna Baruffa’s founding principle as a yarn spinner.

Blending heritage techniques with advanced automation, Zegna Baruffa was able to craft products that exceeded the expectations of even the most selective clientele. With the merging of Zegna Baruffa, Filatura di Chiavazza, and Botto Poala in 2009, Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia S.p.A. was born, a yarn spinner that is now regarded in the textile industry as the leader in producing the world’s finest merino yarn, among other qualities.

The Best of Italian and Scottish Craftsmanship Combined

Our extrafine merino wool garments, created with Zegna Baruffa’s unparalleled CASHWOOL® and manufactured in Scotland, are incredibly soft to the touch. While being robust and promising high levels of longevity – qualities that are characteristic of Scottish knitted and washed garments, our merino products are still light, breathable, and flowy, due to their yarn being spun by Zegna Baruffa – a characteristic Italian yarn spinning expertise.

The temperature-regulating qualities make extrafine merino wool optimal especially for the milder seasons.