Taxes and Duties

US: Import duties will be charged on single orders over USD$800. Import duties will not be charged on single orders under USD$800.   


- You have to pay import VAT at your local VAT rate (for example, 20% in France) when the parcel arrives in your country, plus some DHL administration charges (around £17 - £20 but please note that this is just an estimate). 

- But you do not have to pay additional import duties because our products are made in the UK and we will include the "statement of origin" on the commercial invoice which will qualify the shipment as being free of import duty.

- If you believe that import duties are wrongly charged in addition to your local VAT rate, please contact us and we will send you a copy of your commercial invoice so that you can use it to dispute the import duty portion of the invoice with DHL. Any dispute over import charges is between you and DHL and we are not able to resolve such disputes on your behalf.  

JAPAN: 10% consumption tax applicable on our products when they arrive in Japan. 

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: For other countries not listed above, please kindly check with your local authorities to determine the applicable taxes and duties.


- the price you pay excludes UK VAT, but local taxes and duties may apply

- DHL will email you an invoice to pay these charges before releasing the parcel to you if they apply. Please kindly note that DHL may charge an administration fee for processing the parcel.

- If you reject delivery of the parcel for whatever reason (for example, because of  import duties/taxes), and the parcel had to be returned to us, the cost of the return will be deducted from your refund. 

Please kindly note that we do not have control over taxes and duties and cannot predict their exact amount. You will be responsible for payment of any such import duties and taxes. There is a possibility that the delivery of your order may be delayed due to customs, which we unfortunately have no control over.

If you are a customer based outside the UK and you paid import duties or import VAT when you received the parcel, you might be able to claim this back from your local authority if you decide to return the item for a refund but we are not able to advise if this is the case or not. We kindly ask that you get in touch with your local authority to find out what the procedure is and to request this as we are not able to request this refund on your behalf or assist you in this process. Please check with your own local authority the procedure as each country will have their own rules.