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World's finest knitwear
made in Scotland

We champion the dignity of craft, and the return to an older philosophy of garment making which puts quality above all else. Partnering with master knitters from Scotland renowned for setting the world's highest standards, we create knitwear that combine a modern aesthetic with heirloom quality - quality that gets better with age and sees you through years of wear if looked after.

Common in a bygone era, though rare today.

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"Certainly, if you’re looking for investment-grade quality, Colhay's knits are superb." - Robb Report

“Colhay’s has gone to great lengths to ensure that every step of its production upholds the manufacturing calibre that it has been founded upon. It even lists the provenance of much of its yarn online - a refreshing approach in an industry that is often hazy on details.” - Brummell Magazine

Extrafine Merino Collection


“Over at Colhay’s, you can find a really chunky, super-fine lambswool rib-stitch model [of the shawl collar cardigan] that comes in a variety of colours, and a cashmere version in navy, ecru and olive. These are definitely more jacket - or even coat - than knitwear.” - The Times

Cashmere Linen Collection


"Colhays, with their Scottish knitted garments, are at the forefront of the kind of quality we want to see more of." - Plaza Uomo

"The brand, its product and presentation, are executed very well. The knitwear is great, the taste level spot on, and the information well done. Those things mean that this could become a reliable place for a Permanent Style reader to consistently get their quality knitwear" - Permanent Style

"I’ve always been drawn to companies that make traditional men’s style feel relevant in today’s age. Colhay’s is reframing Scottish knitwear without diluting what makes these sweaters so great in the first place." - Die, workwear!