Enduring knitwear of the highest quality, made in Scotland.

At Colhay's, we champion the dignity of craft, and the return to an older philosophy of garment making which puts quality above all else.

Partnering with craftsmen renowned for their uncompromising standards, our passion is in bringing you knitwear that combine a modern aesthetic with heritage quality; quality that sees you through decades of wear - common in a bygone era, though rare today.

Through this we wish to restore the satisfaction that comes with investing in a superior garment that lasts and that you will treasure for a lifetime. 

Find out more about the story behind Colhay's and our journey to discover the world's best knitwear makers

Superfine Lambswool | ラムズウール


"Colhay's is a new brand, but it’s made a big impression on the menswear scene in a few short months. Certainly, if you’re looking for investment-grade quality, Colhay's knits are superb." - Robb Report

Cashmere | カシミヤ


"The brand, its product and presentation, are executed very well. The knitwear is great, the taste level spot on, and the information well done. Those things mean that this could become a reliable place for a Permanent Style reader to consistently get their quality knitwear" - Permanent Style