Styling the Merino Sport Shirt in Olive

Our merino sport shirt comes in a versatile, muted and dark, olive colour. Given its dark shade, it goes seamlessly with other dark items in a different colour, or with other items in a light colour. Made in Scotland using a luxuriously soft merino yarn Cashwool from Zegna Baruffa, the world’s most premium merino wool, it is a shirt that will quickly become a spring/summer staple.

Merino Sport Shirt in Olive

Olive is a great colour to have in your wardrobe. That’s because if you are anything like us, we tend to have quite a lot of other items of clothing (trousers and jackets) in navy and grey.

Therefore, to have a top in olive makes it easy to combine with your other items in navy and grey as it goes well with both colours (as opposed to if you had a navy top, then that won’t be quite as easy to pair with other items in your wardrobe in navy).

To illustrate our point above about its versatility with navy items, we’ve gone for an olive and navy combination for our first look:

The merino sport shirt is fully fashioned with longer ribbed cuffs and hem, making the piece look a lot more refined and formal compared to an ordinary t-shirt. This makes the sport shirt easier to pair with formal items like the navy trousers above.

To then lighten the colour outfit, we’ve finished the look with an oatmeal linen blazer:

As mentioned above, olive also goes very well with oatmeal, so the oat, navy and olive sit harmoniously together on this look.

Another styling tip - if you like wearing your formal trousers and blazers, but want to look a bit more dressed down especially for the summer, then our merino sport shirt is the perfect item as it instantly makes the look more casual when you wear the sport shirt, instead of a dress shirt or Oxford cloth button down, as you normally would per the “classic menswear” uniform.

Our second look illustrates this:

Merino Sport Shirt in Olive

For this outfit, we’ve still stuck with the navy bottoms and olive sport shirt, except that this time we’ve gone with jeans instead of the trousers so the look is more casual, but the colour combination still works.

Here we’ve paired it with a navy blazer - you can see how if you were wearing a shirt for this look, it would look a lot more formal and perhaps too formal for a summer social outing. Wearing the crew neck merino sport shirt in olive though, you look more relaxed:

We’ve got the cricket jumper slung over the shoulder, in case it gets nippy in the evening.

Merino Sport Shirt in Olive

For this look below, we demonstrate the merino sport shirt in olive also goes well with light coloured bottoms, like a pair of white jeans:

To keep the look casual, we’ve styled it with a denim jacket:

Another way of thinking about the merino sport shirt, is that it’s essentially a t-shirt in its versatility, just a more refined version of it. So whatever it is that you feel you can wear with a t-shirt, the merino sport shirt will go with that outfit.

Here is another example - when it gets really hot, simply wear it with a pair of shorts (we’ve kept to the idea of pairing with light coloured bottoms here):

As mentioned before, the biggest difference though between a t-shirt and the sport shirt is that the sport shirt is an elevated version of a t-shirt, so that the outfit looks more intentional and well put together (i.e. avoid the pitfall of looking like you have just worn your undershirt out as some t-shirts have the tendency of doing).

The main reasons for this more elevated look is the fact that it is knitted and fully-fashioned, so the curves on the garment follow the contours of your body rather than “jut out” as some sleeves on the t-shirts do. The short sleeves are also knitted slightly longer than your ordinary t-shirt, covering much of your biceps which achieves a more elegant and modest look. Finally, the long ribbed cuffs and hem help to differentiate the piece further from a t-shirt.

To complete the look, we’ve gone for a tan/beige blazer here, demonstrating that the olive also goes well with a darker cream/beige colour, and not just white:

For those days when the weather is particularly volatile, keep another jumper wrapped round your shoulder. Here we’ve opted for our superfine lambswool crew neck in oatmeal. The oatmeal goes well with the tan/beige colour of the blazer and the white of the trousers (these three colours all belonging to the cream/beige palette but do not clash, because they are all sufficiently different from each other), and the merino sport shirt in olive then becomes the accent colour. But because olive goes well cream/white, it’s a harmonious combination:

Find out more about our merino sport shirt in olive here.