Woven cashmere scarf in espresso brown - Colhay's
Woven cashmere scarf in espresso brown - Colhay's
Woven cashmere scarf in espresso brown - Colhay's
Woven cashmere scarf in espresso brown

Woven cashmere scarf in espresso brown

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100% cashmere
c.180 grams (mid-weight)
L 183cm x W 36cm
Made in Scotland
Also available in oatmeal and cognac
Dry clean only
Item code: CH-CSH-SCF-ESP



Voluminous, lush, exquisite. Our woven cashmere scarfs are made in pure cashmere by the world’s pre-eminent fine cashmere weaver in the South West of Scotland, with a heritage that dates back to the 1800s, known in the luxury industry as head and shoulders above the rest in its commitment to producing the highest quality and most robust woven cashmere scarfs in the world.

This cashmere scarf is one of a kind, with a hand feel that is truly other-worldly. It is buttery soft, the softest you will have ever felt of any woven material, with a sensation most aptly described as “melt in your hand”. Yet, it has the same insulating qualities as the most robust and thickest of wool scarfs and, as with everything we do, crafted to last a lifetime.

Unrivalled Quality

As always, the undisputed first-in-class quality of this cashmere scarf comes down to the fact that the very best is used at every stage of manufacture, from the very finest fibres used, through to the painstaking traditional finishing techniques that set this cashmere scarf apart.

Chief among these techniques include:

  • the pummelling of the cloths for a softer hand feel using the same wooden device created by craftspeople from the weaver some 70 years ago
  • the use of Italian teasels to gently brush the surface of scarfs to give them the iconic soft and lustrous rippled effect, which are then dampened with mineral-rich Scottish water
  • the pressing of the finished scarfs, using the age-old method of brown paper infused with strands of copper, which give the scarfs that characteristic sheen and lustre, a rarity today

For our first series of woven cashmere scarfs, we offer a thoughtfully curated range of colours that complement perfectly our existing knitwear range.