Styling the Fisherman's Cable Sweaters

The Superfine Lambswool Fisherman's Cable Sweater

With our superfine lambswool fisherman's cable sweater, we have strived to achieve a balance between ruggedness and refinement. Luxuriously thick and soft, and knitted close to the body, it is the perfect piece to throw on at home on those chilly evenings, or as an accompaniment to a wide variety of outfits.
The cables are deliberately thicker and chunkier than you would normally expect to see on cable knits today. The reason is because this garment is a homage to the very original cable sweaters that were knitted by wives of fisherman to keep warm at sea - they used to be knitted with a pronounced cable pattern, much like this one, as the chunkier knitting traps more air bubbles, thus increasing the insulation of the sweater. 
Despite the chunkiness of the cables, our fisherman cable knit is a luxury version of the original, as we have made it using super soft lambswool - the softest lambswool you would have ever felt, in fact. This is achieved because it is made in Scotland using superfine lambswool from Todd & Duncan's Lamaine range - a prestigious, highly prized lambswool that is known as the softest in the world on account of the fineness of the fibres used. It is then washed in Scottish water, with just the correct blend of minerals that softens the fibres significantly but without compromising the strength of the fibres. 

Superfine Lambswool Fisherman's Cable Rollneck in Olive

The olive colour is a muted one, pairing well with dark and light bottoms alike:

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool cable rollneck in olive
Dark denim jeans
White chore coat
Black loafers
White painter's chore coat in a heavy cotton. The texture of the twill complements the rugged texture of the cable sweater. It also provides a nice contrast against the dark raw denim.
Outfit 2.
Superfine lambswool cable rollneck in olive
Black denim trucker jacket
Cream coloured jeans
Black chelsea boots
Swapping the white painter's chore for a black denim trucker. The matt black colour also works well with the darker olive on the fisherman's cable sweater. Finished with slim cream jeans and black chelsea boots. 
Outfit 3.
Superfine lambswool fisherman's cable rollneck in olive
Grey flannel trousers
Navy blazer
Black loafers
A more dressed up outfit, we wanted to show how the superfine lambswool fisherman's cable rollneck can also be worn formally as shown here, paired with grey flannels and a navy blazer. We've chosen flannel, as opposed to a finer worsted, as the fuzzier texture of the flannel makes it work better with the fuzzy texture of the lambswool. The navy blazer also has a herringbone texture, making it an apt accompaniment to the cable knit. A flannel or tweed navy jacket would work just as well. 

Superfine Lambswool Fisherman's Cable Rollneck in Ecru

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool fisherman's cable rollneck in ecru
Light wash jeans
Navy pea coat
Brown suede derbys
The ecru is a darker white - with a hint of oat, making this an easier piece to pair with autumn winter outerwear. The melton wool pea coat has a woollen texture that sits well beside the thick cables. Battered vintage jeans with a lighter wash goes well with the light oat colour of the knitwear, and contrasts the more formal pea coat on top.
Outfit 2. 
Superfine lambswool fisherman's cable rollneck in ecru
Dark grey flannels
Forest green corduroy jacket 
The ecru cable also looks great with a pair of dark grey flannels and green corduroy jacket for a more dressed up look. A casual substitute for a shirt, the rollneck is a handy piece to have when you want to wear tailoring, but don't want to look too formal. There is the added benefit of the chunky 6-ply rollneck being eminently warmer than a shirt, of course:
For some knit on knit comfort, you can style the fisherman cable rollneck in ecru with our shawl collar cardigan in dark brown - the cream and brown colours complementing each other, and the cable pattern and rib stitch patterns provide sufficient textural contrast for the pairing to work. 
The ecru colour on this rollneck also works well with navy, as shown in this combination where we swapped out the dark brown shawl collar for our cashmere shawl collar cardigan in navy. The principle of mixing patterns still apply here. 

Superfine Lambswool Fisherman's Cable Rollneck in Navy

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool fisherman's cable rollneck in navy
Pleated grey check trousers
Black leather biker jacket
Black loafers

The dark navy version of our fisherman's cable rollneck works particularly well with greys, black and other dark navies. For this outfit, we have the rollneck under a black double rider, worn with a pair of pleated grey check trousers to balance out the ruggedness on top. The creased black leather complements the texture of the pronounced cables on the rollneck.



Wear a double-breasted pea coat or polo coat in navy over the top of all the layers, for those blistering cold evening walks:


Outfit 4.
Superfine lambswool fisherman cable rollneck in navy
Superfine lambswool shawl collar cardigan in olive
Light wash jeans 

For this outfit, we've paired our navy fisherman cable rollneck with our superfine lambswool shawl collar cardigan in olive. The navy and olive colours on the two lambswool work nicely together, both being quite dark and muted. We've chosen a pair of light jeans to keep the outfit more casual, and to provide some contrast against the dark navy of the cable rollneck. We particularly like the light wash jeans with the navy of the cable rollneck and it is combination that we are sure most people will be able to wear and look stylish in. 

Superfine Lambswool Fisherman's Cable Rollneck in Tobacco Brown

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool fisherman's cable rollneck in tobacco brown
White jeans
Brown leather jacket or brown check sport coat
Brown chelsea boots
The mid-brown shade of this cable rollneck allows you to mix and match with any beige brown items in your wardrobe. Wear it with white jeans and a brown horse hide leather jacket, or swap the leather jacket out for a brown check sport coat:


The slightly shorter length of the body of the sweater makes it perfect for higher rise trousers.

Outfit 2.
Superfine lambswool fisherman's cable rollneck in tobacco brown
Brown flannel suit or
Beige chinos and tonic brown trench coat

Some other examples of how the tobacco brown rollneck works with different shades of brown:

Superfine Lambswool Fisherman's Cable Crew in Navy 

A beautiful crew neck version of the fisherman's cable knit. Just as versatile as the rollneck version, except you can also wear a shirt on the inside.

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool fisherman's cable crew in navy
Black and white houndstooth flannel jacket
White poplin shirt

Grey flannel trousers
For this outfit, we have paired the cable crew with a black and white houndstooth flannel jacket. The cable crew neck is a thick garment, but it still fits comfortably under a sport coat, and we find the woolly texture on the cable knit matches well with other woollens on outerwear such as tweed, flannels and melton, to name a few.