Styling the Cricket Sweater

The Superfine Lambswool Cricket Sweater 

Our cricket sweater is made using Todd & Duncan’s superfine lambswool - the world’s softest and the very highest quality. Traditional cricket sweaters tend to be made in a coarse wool or cotton - whereas we have made what is perhaps best described as a luxury version of the sporting garment. It has a wonderfully soft and spongey hand feel, as well as knitted in a slim fit with a deep v neck shape for a contemporary look. Made in Scotland, and made to last as always.

Our cricket sweater is also deliberately made in more muted colours, a departure from traditional sporting cricket sweaters. This allows it to look stylish whilst not stand out. Here are some looks we put together that shows how versatile this piece is and its understated elegance when paired with other garments. 

Outfit 1.
Superfine lambswool cricket sweater in cream/navy/burgundy
Beige chinos
Navy double breasted blazer

A Colhay’s take on the classic ivy look. The classic collegiate "uniform" consisted mostly of flat front chinos, OCBD shirt, cricket or other sporting sweater and a navy blazer. We mostly kept to this combination, but our cricket sweater is contemporary in style, and we did away with a collared shirt here, to give it an even more modern look.


We then finished off with a double breasted navy blazer in soft construction - had the blazer been a more traditional cut with strong shoulder pads, the look may have been more anachronistic. This look shows how you can look modern and stylish whilst paying homage to historic ivy references, anchored by our contemporary cricket sweater.

For a more traditional look, you can swap out the chinos for a pair of formal flannels. For this outfit though, we paired it with a denim shirt just to inject a casual element. We find that pairing the cricket sweater with a white shirt and formal trousers sometimes can tip the outfit into looking a little too fusty, and swapping the white shirt out for a more textured casual shirt like a denim shirt helps to modernise the look.

Outfit 2.
Superfine lambswool cricket sweater in cream/olive
Double denim
Superfine lambswool shawl collar cardigan in camel

For this outfit, we combined our cricket sweater with a pair of light wash jeans and denim shirt. The light wash of the denim works well with the cream colour of our cricket sweater, we find. Our cricket sweater is made in an off-white/cream colour, rather than brilliant white, as we feel it gives an outfit a more understated look and is more flattering for the wearer. This is an example where the cricket sweater can be “dressed down” as part of a casual outfit.

For those cold days you can finish the look off with our superfine lambswool shawl collar cardigan in camel, the camel colour complementing the cream and light wash denim.

For those who consider themselves with more ‘classic tastes”, our cricket sweater in cream and olive is the perfect choice as it is minimally designed with a pair of muted colour ways, cream and olive.

Outfit 3.
Superfine lambswool cricket sweater in navy/burgundy/olive
Mid grey flannel trousers
Chambray shirt
Black vintage leather biker jacket
Cashmere oatmeal scarf

Our navy cricket sweater is again, designed with very dark muted colours for a more masculine, understated look. The dark navy pairs well with chambray, as shown here. For this outfit we have matched our cricket sweater with a pair of dark flannels to show that it can be dressed up as part of a more formal outfit too.

To balance the look to make it less formal, we layered the outfit with the founder’s father’s vintage black leather biker. The black leather works well with the dark navy, and the texture of the lambswool and old black leather sit alongside each other beautifully. We finished the look with our Scottish made 100% oatmeal scarf, to lighten the whole outfit.

Outfit 4
Superfine lambswool cricket sweater in cream/olive
Mid grey flannel trousers
Superfine lambswool shawl coat in dark brown

For those confident enough who want to go for more of a “look”, wear the cricket sweater on its own without a shirt or t shirt underneath. It essentially acts as a v neck top. Here, we paired it with a pair of grey flannels to balance out the more casual top half.

To make the neck less bare and, to keep it warm, we finished the look with our superfine lambswool shawl coat in dark brown. The v shape of the cricket sweater also aligns beautifully with the v shape that is made by the “lapels” of the shawl coat when it is closed and tied at the front. The grey, cream, olive and dark brown are all colours that also complement each other, each being in muted earthy tones.