Styling the Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan

The thickest and most luxurious cashmere piece in our knitwear range, our cashmere shawl collar cardigan is the ultimate indulgent winter warrior. Each piece is made with 1 kilogram worth of the world’s highest quality cashmere from renowned Scottish mill Todd & Duncan. Knitted densely, with an 8-ply cashmere yarn in a rib stitch structure, the far higher than usual quantity of cashmere used beyond industry norm gives this piece its uniquely soft yet substantial, thick and luscious hand feel, unlike any other cashmere piece you would have come across. Knitted in Scotland by masters of the trade, famous for crafting cashmere pieces that last decades, it is a true heirloom piece that you will want keep you company for years to come, and then pass on.

The great advantage of having a piece like the cashmere shawl collar cardigan is whilst being smart it is also a remarkably comfortable garment - for those days when you don’t want to wear a rigid tailored jacket and instead prefer to be wrapped in a luxuriously soft and cosy cashmere shawl collar. It feels like wearing a duvet, but the shape is cut so smartly that it is office appropriate.

Following the popularity of the navy and dark olive introduced in AW21, we are thrilled to release a new ecru colour of our cashmere shawl collar cardigan this AW22 season.

The three colours would work with any item in your wardrobe, from grey flannels to jeans, to shirts and other pieces of knitwear. We’ve put together a few looks to demonstrate how we’d wear this versatile piece.

Outfit 1.
Cashmere shawl collar cardigan in ecru
Cashmere Belmondo Rollneck in wine
Grey flannel trousers / grey flannel suit

For this outfit, we’ve gone with a colour combination that is a little unusual - ecru and wine. The wine colour on our Cashmere Belmondo Rollneck is a dark and muted one - it has a rich mulberry tone underneath which allows it go well with formal clothing like grey trousers and jacket. If the wine colour had been a brighter tone or even red, it would pop out too much and detract from the elegance of the look. Because of the relatively muted tone of the wine colour, it goes well when paired with the ecru on our cashmere shawl collar cardigan. The ecru is, in keeping with our colour palette, a light cream, rather than stark white. Again this helps to tone down any outfit that you are wearing, so that whilst being a captivating piece, it retains the understated elegance of the outfit so as not to make you stand out in an unwanted fashion.

In this variation of the outfit, we’ve demonstrated how the cashmere shawl collar cardigan can also act as a coat, over a suit, given that it is knitted in a slightly more generous fit compared to other pieces in our collections. The rib stitch structure is deliberate as it gives the piece more stretch to allow you to layer comfortably underneath, whilst maintaining a slim silhouette so you don’t look too bulky.

Outfit 2.
Cashmere shawl collar cardigan in dark olive
Cashmere Belmondo Rollneck in navy
Dark or light denim shirt
Grey flannel trousers or light beige trousers

The dark olive cashmere shawl collar cardigan is a handy colour to have - providing a good match up option with the more common navy and grey items in your wardrobe, as demonstrated by this outfit. The dark olive works well with the dark navy of our cashmere Belmondo rollneck.

To vary this outfit and add interest we’ve layered a dark denim shirt between the cashmere shawl collar and rollneck sweater. The contrasting texture of the denim shirt helps break up the texture of the two woollens. The dark denim, with a navy base itself, works in harmony with the navy/dark olive palette of the cashmere shawl collar and cashmere rollneck, but its slight grey tone provides enough contrast against the rich navy of the cashmere rollneck.

It also works with a lighter denim shirt. Given the lighter colour on the denim shirt, we went with lighter beige chinos instead of the dark grey flannels in the look above, to make the top and bottom more streamlined and less of a contrast.

These two combinations also show you’d be able to wear dark or light wash denim jeans with the cashmere shawl in dark olive and cashmere Belmondo in navy.

Outfit 3.
Cashmere shawl collar cardigan in dark olive
Cashmere silk tennis polo in cream
White trousers

We’ve gone for a more high contrast look with this outfit, pairing our cashmere silk tennis polo in cream with our cashmere shawl collar cardigan in dark olive. The matt cream colour of the cashmere silk works well with the dark olive as a colour combination. The white trousers are a lighter shade to the cashmere silk to create enough contrast for a tonal look.

Outfit 4.
Cashmere shawl collar cardigan in navy
Superfine lambswool fisherman cable rollneck in ecru
Grey flannels trousers
Black Chelsea boots

For extra cosiness, we styled our cashmere shawl collar cardigan in navy with our superfine lambswool fisherman cable rollneck in ecru. Although it’s a knit on knit combination, the contrasting patterns of the cables and rib stitch provide enough distinction so as to make the combination work aesthetically.

We have stayed within a navy, white, grey and black palette for this look for congruence.

Outfit 5.
Cashmere shawl collar cardigan in navy
Cashmere polo shirt in dark olive
Dark green and mustard bandana
White trousers

We’ve swapped the ecru cable rollneck for our dark olive cashmere polo shirt in this outfit - another knit on knit combination but this time, a slightly lighter weight one with the cashmere polo shirt being more of a mid-weight garment rather than heavy weight. The combination is perfect for those days that aren’t unbearably chilly and you might need to go indoors during the day so you can easily take off the cashmere shawl collar and just wear the cashmere polo shirt.

The textural contrast between the rib stitch of the shawl collar and plain stitch of the polo shirt makes this combination work even though both pieces are knitted. Finished with cream trousers - the lighter bottoms juxtapose more sharply against the darker top, making the whole outfit more casual. You could however, easily dress it back up by wearing a pair of smart trousers.