Restyling the Spring Summer Classics

With the summer and the high temperatures still in full swing, we thought it would be a good idea to restyle some of our spring/summer classics and play with some novel combinations with new pieces of knitwear that have been introduced since our last style journals.

Outfit 1.
Cashmere silk tennis polo in cream

White trousers
Cashmere cotton collegiate raglan sweatshirt in dark olive
Olive linen sport coat
Black loafers

We wanted to create a two colour tonal palette, so in our combination here, we have gone for a cream on cream, and then olive on olive. The cream colour on the cashmere silk tennis polo is matched with a slightly different shade on the white trousers, achieving a tonal look.

We then layered it with our cashmere cotton collegiate sweatshirt in a dark olive. The dark olive makes for a nice pairing with cream.

We completed the look with an olive linen sport coat that is in a slightly lighter shade to our cashmere cotton collegiate raglan sweatshirt.

We were careful to ensure that the two colours within the same tone are not too close, so that there is sufficient contrast. This way, we have two pieces of clothing within the same palette, and then the cream and olive sitting nicely alongside each other. The black loafers work well together with both cream and olive, hence the black rather than brown, which doesn’t work as well with olive.

Another note to make is that our cashmere silk tennis polo sit nicely under a crew neck sweater as shown here. The two knits, both being casual and draped, complement each other nicely and also gives it a more relaxed, stylish feel, compared to the more regimented dress shirt under knitted crew neck look.

In our earlier style journal, we have also exhibited this with our superfine lambswool crew neck - this time in oatmeal, the two light colours complementing each other:

Outfit 2.
Cashmere silk tennis polo in cream

Superfine lambswool cricket sweater in cream and olive
White trousers
White sneakers

A cricket inspired look, we paired our cashmere silk tennis polo in cream with our superfine lambswool cricket sweater. As the polo, cricket sweater and white trousers are all different shades of white, they work harmoniously together without looking to one-dimensional. The more modern design of the cricket sweater (no contrasting stripes on the cuff and hem) means you won’t be mistaken as a cricketer on the cricket pitch this summer!

We finished the look off with a Panama hat to keep the searing sun at bay.

Outfit 3.
Cashmere silk tennis polo in cream
Cashmere shirt cardigan in dark olive
Grey trousers

We’ve gone for a smart casual combination with this outfit. Cashmere silk tennis polo in cream paired with our cashmere shirt cardigan in dark olive, the cream and olive complementing each other. Both the cashmere silk and cashmere knitted fabrics have a refined look to them, so they sit nicely together.

We also like the double collar look - both collars are relatively soft and malleable so they can flop over each other in a relaxed way without them looking to rigid.

By way of reminder a few more looks from our previous style journal styling the cashmere silk tennis polo in cream, showing its versatility:

Outfit 4.
Cashmere silk tennis polo in dark brown
Brown paisley bandana
White trousers
White denim jacket

An elevated casual outfit, we wanted to show how our cashmere silk tennis polo can be worn with casual clothes such as this denim jacket.

We paired the cashmere silk tennis polo with a brown and mustard orange paisley bandana as the brown colours complement each other and it helps add interest to the outfit.

If you look closely the denim jacket has light brown stitching which we thought went perfectly with the dark brown of our cashmere silk tennis polo.

In contrast, the cashmere silk tennis polo in dark brown can also be dressed up, as shown in the outfit below where we paired it with a beige linen suit:

Outfit 5.
Extra fine merino sport shirt in olive

Dark denim jeans
Navy blazer
Superfine lambswool cricket sweater
Black loafers

We love the olive colour on our extrafine merino sport shirt and in this outfit, we wanted to show how it can be worn as part of a darker coloured ensemble, with navy/blue being the anchor colour.

Given that the olive of the sport shirt is relatively dark and muted, it goes well with dark denim jeans, and navy, such as the double breasted navy sport coat styled together here.

We finished the look with our superfine lambswool cricket sweater over the shoulder, to inject some lightness of colour to the outfit and, to give an idea how you can carry something with you in preparation for mercurial weather like we get in the UK without having to wear it! Also, black loafers to complement the navy, olive and cream of the outfit. Brown wouldn't work as well!

Previously, we styled the extra fine merino sport shirt as part of a lighter outfit, with a pair of white shorts and fine sand linen sport coat, which work equally well with the sport shirt:

For more inspiration on how to style the cashmere silk tennis polo, click on the picture below to see our full style journal:

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