Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal
Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal

Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal

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Made in Scotland
100% cashmere
2-ply, 12 gauge 
c.380 grams (mid-weight)
Fit: style runs small. Suggest sizing up. See size chart at bottom of page.
Also available in dark olive and camel
Hand wash or dry clean. More garment care instructions here



Our cashmere shirt cardigan is designed to be a versatile piece with dual use - it can be worn as a shirt, tucked into trousers, and worn under a sport coat or jacket, or as a cardigan, with another shirt or t-shirt underneath, acting as a mid-layer or light outerwear. In keeping with our philosophy of investing in high quality garments that go with a wide range of outfits, maximising wear, we believe this shirt cardigan is the epitome of this. 

As it is made using a mid-weight 2-ply cashmere yarn, whilst it will feel exceptionally warm, it will fit comfortably under a tailored jacket so can easily work as a substitute to a dress shirt if you wanted to make your outfit more casual and add interest. 

Wearing it as a shirt brings with it a unique joy and comfort of its own - we can only speak from experience, but having the world's highest quality Scottish cashmere directly against the skin is a feeling like no other, softer than the softest of finely spun cotton dress shirts, but because it is so densely knitted, retains structure so that it does not look too slouchy. 

It has a button through closure and is furnished with Italian made horn buttons. We have opted for small, matt horn buttons as opposed to shiny horn, or white mother of pearl or plastic, as we believe matt horn buttons give the shirt cardigan a sense of understated elegance - well considered but not showy, and the brown goes better with the more muted, camel colour of the sweater. 

The collar is knitted using the milano stitch technique, giving it structure so that it doesn't flatten under a sport coat, but allowing it not to be too stiff either (like a dress shirt), thus making it a more casual piece. The milano stitch technique is much more time consuming than plain stitch and requires a lot more cashmere yarn (in order to give it its firmness), but we believe it is worthwhile to give it some structure as we think it makes the collar sit a lot more beautifully compared to a plain stitch collar.

The welted straight hem allows the piece to look polished when it is worn untucked as a cardigan.

The shirt cardigan is luxuriously soft yet durable, made to the world's highest standards in the Scottish Borders, using the world's finest 100% 2-ply cashmere by revered Scottish yarn mill Todd & Duncan. A garment made to last. 

It is a unique piece with remarkable properties - breathable, soft and feels exceptionally light, yet comparable to the warmth of a chunky lambswool sweater. It is this wondrous combination that has earned cashmere its name "the fibre of kings".  

The oatmeal colour of this sport shirt is an incredibly versatile one - suitable for wearing with grey/navy, or with shades of brown, be they trousers, sport coats or outerwear. The oatmeal also works well with denim of any wash (white, dark, medium or light). See the pictures on this page with our model for more styling inspiration. 



  • This style runs small. We recommend that you take one size up from your usual size
  • Please see size guide at the bottom of the page
  • Slim modern fit but has a small amount of natural stretch and moulds to body over time
  • Given the slim fit, it will work well worn on its own as a substitute to a dress shirt. You can wear it directly on the skin and easily tuck it into a pair of trousers.
  • Body of sweater tapers slightly from the chest down to the hem to give a more fitted look by minimising excess fabric often found around the waist of sweaters
  • Smaller armhole compared to traditional "baggy" sweaters, without being overly restrictive

As Worn


Model wears size 40/M. He measures: chest circumference 38.5" (97.8cm); height 6"2 (188cm). 


Learn more about the inspiration and design of this piece here.

Unrivalled Quality 


We are confident in bringing you the world's finest cashmere knitwear because we only use the very best at every stage of manufacture:

Quality of fibre: 100% cashmere of the highest quality sourced from inner Mongolia. Fibre diameter is c. 15.5 microns and length is c. 38mm, making the fibre the world's finest and longest, which means the softest and most durable

Quality of yarn: 2-ply cashmere yarn produced by spinners Todd & Duncan at their Loch Leven Mill in Kinross, Scotland, industry heavyweights who have been spinning yarn for 150 years - world renowned for their consistently high quality and strong yarns. 

Quality of knit
: knitted, hand-finished and washed by fourth generation heritage knitwear specialists in Hawick, the Scottish Borders, a region whose expertise in the trade is without compare. Garments are knitted tightly to minimise gaps and to ensure longevity.

Quality of finish: there is a high degree of hand-finishing. The sweater is "fully-fashioned", as signified by the faint-dotted lines along the sleeve-head of the jumper. This makes the garment more well fitted, much like a bespoke suit. Individual pieces of the sweater are “hand-linked” - a meticulous process by which each tiny knit-loop at the end of each piece of the sweater is linked together by hand, ensuring the seams are the straightest and strongest. 

Quality of wash: the finished product is carefully washed in pure Scottish waters with the precise balance of minerals, so that the garment is given its famous soft handle without compromising the integrity of the fibres. Scottish knitwear may feel a little stiff to begin with but will soften naturally with age.

Find out more about the quality of our garments here.

Size Guide

Sizes for this style run small. We suggest taking the next size up from your usual size. The measurements of the garment are set out below. To ensure you have the correct size, you may wish to take a measuring tape to one of your existing jumpers with the best fit and compare measurements. Measurements are approximate, but any variance is minimal and will not impact overall fit given that knitwear has stretch.

Measurements are in cm:

  36 38 40 42 44 46 48
1. 46 48.5 51 53.5 56 58.5 61
2. 63 64.5 66 67.5 69 70.5 72
3. 38 40.5 43 45.5 48 48.5 49.5
4. 45 46 47 48 49 50 51
5. 37.5 38.8 40 41.2 42.5 44 45.5
6. 22 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5 25

If you would like to discuss sizing or any other aspects of the garment, please feel free to contact us