Styling the Cashmere Silk Tennis Polo in Navy

The cashmere silk tennis polo is a great choice for the summer time, especially when the weather is still fluctuating between sunshine one moment and wind and rain the next.

The reason is that unlike ordinary polos that are usually made using cotton, cashmere silk is more temperature regulating and moisture-wicking - this means that it’ll keep you warm if you get hit with a sudden spell of wind and rain, but you also wouldn’t overheat when the sun comes back out again.

Silk tennis polo

Our cashmere silk tennis polo is made in Scotland using the world’s finest cashmere silk yarn from Italian heritage mill Cariaggi. The softness of the cashmere, laced with the lightness of silk, creates a hand feel that can only be described as “melt in your hand”.

Today we’ll focus on the navy colour and talk through some of the clothes and other colours that it would go well with.

The navy of our cashmere silk tennis polo, just like the navy colour of our other items, is dark and muted. This makes it a versatile piece and easily matchable with other items in your wardrobe.

To start with something ubiquitous - we’ve shown below how nicely the navy goes well with light wash jeans. You can of course, also pair the polo with darker jeans, but we have found that given the dark shade of the navy, pairing with lighter wash jeans is preferable.

Cashmere Silk Tennis Polo in Navy

To elevate the look and add some interest, we’ve styled this with a black and white bandana.

Cashmere Silk Tennis Polo in Navy

The colour choice of the bandana is also because we wanted to finish the look off with a black linen blazer - so the black of the bandana will go well with the black blazer.

A note about black and navy. Although some a nervous about pairing navy with black, for fear of the two colours being too close to each other, we think that as long as the two colours aren’t too close, and there is a third item in the look that is light-coloured (in this case the light pair of jeans), it can work really well as it gives off a sophisticated look.

The other colour that goes really well with dark navy we find is white, or light cream. To demonstrate this, for our next look we’ve paired the polo with white jeans, like so:

To elevate the look, again, we’ve put on a bandana - this time in navy and gold. 

The navy is to match with the cashmere silk tennis polo, and the gold of the bandana is to bring out the mustard gold stitching of the denim jacket which we have used to finish the look:

The nice thing about the cashmere silk tennis polo is that because it is collared, but not a dress shirt, it straddles formal and informal, making it perfect worn with a tailored jacket or something casual, like a denim jacket.

When the weather turns warmer, and you no longer want to wear long bottoms, simply swap out the long trousers or jeans, for a pair of white shorts. Another example to show that our cashmere silk tennis polo in navy goes well with white:

To go with the white shorts which is a more casual item, you can also wear it with something more casual, like a harrington jacket. To keep within the same palette, we opted for a dark blue harrington jacket.

Finally, if chinos are a common item for you to wear for work, then the cashmere silk tennis polo in navy would also go well with those. Here we’ve styled it with a pair of chinos in a classic beige/tan colour:

Learn more about our cashmere silk tennis polo in navy here.

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