Oatmeal for Spring

Our luxury knitwear in oatmeal is a great colour choice for spring. The colour is fresh and light, whilst being matt and not “shiny” like a lot of white or cream colours you see from elsewhere during the spring summer time.

Luxury knitwear for the spring season

It’s also a great colour to wear if you prefer knitwear that is more neutral, and like us, find the sea of light pastel colours that flood that spring/summer menswear scene just not quite “you”.

As such we thought it would be helpful to go through some of our favourite luxury knitwear pieces in oatmeal that we feel are most appropriate for spring given its weight, textures and versatility, together with some styling tips.

Superfine lambswool crew neck in oatmeal

Made in Scotland using 100% superfine lambswool by heritage mill Todd & Duncan, the crew neck has a smooth texture (softer than any other lambswool varieties), whilst retaining a rugged appearance so it has more of a masculine appeal compared to say, very fine merino knitwear.

The oatmeal works well with dark as well as light colours.

See for example, you can wear it with a navy blazer (with blue/gold bandana to go with the navy):

Or a light brown check blazer (with brown/mustard bandana to go with the light brown):

The superfine lambswool crew neck also goes with light blue and tan chinos, classic colours and items in a man’s wardrobe:

It also goes well with shorts, such as this olive pair here, and can be worn over our tennis polo, like so:

When the weather gets a bit warmer, it is also great for throwing over your shoulder for some light insulation, at the ready, for when the temperature starts to drop so you can put it back on:

The rugged texture also makes the jumper uniquely suited to other rugged textures like denim:

If you prefer, we also have a more luxury version of the oatmeal crew neck, in 100% cashmere:

Superfine lambswool mock neck in oatmeal

Much like the crew neck, our mock neck in oatmeal is also made in the same weight using 100% superfine lambswool and given its light construction, also makes it suitable for spring.

You can wear it with a shirt underneath with a brown check blazer and dark jeans like so:

Or mix it up and wear the shirt on the outside, together with a brown leather jacket:

Cashmere shirt cardigan in oatmeal

Although in 100% cashmere, it is made in a 12 gauge, 2 ply cashmere, making it well suited to be treated as a light piece of outerwear or a top for spring. As the garment is not too thick, it makes it a comfortable, light layering piece for spring and the remarkable softness against the skin makes it all the more luxurious to wear.

Wear it with a pair of light jeans and brown check blazer as a shirt substitute, like so:

Or treat it as a light piece of outerwear, and wear a denim shirt underneath:

Cashmere polo shirt in oatmeal

A variation of the cashmere shirt cardigan, our cashmere polo shirt makes a great top for spring and another shirt substitute to consider. Wear simply on its own, or underneath a jacket:

Superfine lambswool tennis cardigan in oatmeal

Made in the same materials as our superfine lambswool crew neck and mock neck, and in the same knit thickness, the tennis cardigan in oatmeal makes for a great layering piece, as much at home simply on its own over a shirt, or with another jacket over the top.

Some examples of how we have styled the piece:

For more styling inspiration with the superfine lambswool tennis cardigan, see our article Styling the Tennis Cardigan in Spring here.