Style Journal | Vol. 6 | Tennis Polo

Our tennis polos are knitted using a luxuriously soft blend of 70% cashmere and 30% silk.
This composition is not only remarkably comfortable against the skin but also allows the knitted fabric to drape in a relaxed way on your body.
But it is not slouchy, as the loose drape is balanced out by the slim, close fit, giving the polo a refined, neat look when worn.
It strikes just to right balance between formal and casual, making it the perfect garment for dressing down a formal outfit, or dressing up a casual outfit.

A polo shirt may have had associations in the past with golf courses and dad outfits, but it need not be the case.
As we hope to show below, combined with the right clothes,
we believe it can form the basis of a wide range of contemporary outfits at both ends of the formal to casual scale. 

Outfit 1.
Cream polo, cream shorts, oatmeal cardigan, white socks, white tennis shoes
We’ve gone full tonal here for a retro tennis look.
We have found that tonal outfits are best combined by using different shades of the same colour and a mix of different textures. 
The cashmere silk tennis polo is made in a slightly whiter cream compared to our oatmeal cardigan,
so that they complement each other without clashing.

The texture of the cashmere silk tennis polo is a bit more refined compared to the woolly texture of the oatmeal cardigan.
This provides further contrast between the two garments,
so that they can work well together without blending into each other
(which would be the case if they were exactly the same fibre composition and weight).
We’ve completed the tonal look by layering a beige trench coat over the top.

We’ve picked a pair of white shorts in cotton to complete the tonal look. 
It is our hope that this outfit exudes the sense of effortless, relaxed elegance, commensurate with the athletes of the past.

Outfit 2.
Cream polo, white jeans, pistachio sport coat/brown linen sport coat, brown loafers

The cream polo works as a casual substitute to a shirt when worn with a sport coat,
perfect for meeting up with friends in the park or at a restaurant, when you want to dress well but feel relaxed.
The collar of the cream polo is firmer than the rest of the shirt,
giving it shape when being worn underneath a sport coat,
preventing the collar from being squashed. 
We find that any shade of green such as olive, pistachio, dark green
and shades of brown go particularly well with the cream colour of the polo.

The white jeans provide a slight contrast to the cream colour of the polo –
white jeans are a favourite of ours particularly paired with the polo as we feel it elevates the outfit without it looking to formal
(such as with a pair of tailored trousers).

Outfit 3.
Cream polo, olive shorts, oatmeal crew neck (worn or slung over the shoulders), denim jacket, brown loafers
The incorporation of the denim jacket and the slim olive shorts make the cream polo look more contemporary -
an example where something as old school as a retro polo could be dressed up as part of a modern outfit.

The softness of the cream polo and oatmeal crew contrasts with the slight ruggedness of the denim jacket.
The tonality of the cream polo and oatmeal crew is made more interesting by mixing in olive and dark denim, two colours that we find complement creams particularly nicely.
If the weather gets warm, take off the denim jacket, and just wear the cream polo with the oatmeal crew.

If it gets hotter still, take off the oatmeal crew and sling it round the shoulders for an non-chalantly elegant look.

We have stayed with the tonal theme by pairing the cream polo and oatmeal crew neck -
we love this combination of colours as they are subtly different, but belong to the same palette.
Texturally, the smoother cashmere silk contrasts well with the fluffier texture of the oatmeal crew in superfine lambswool.

Outfit 4.
Cream polo, white trousers or shorts, white shoes, cable knit over the shoulder (coming soon)

For a more classic, vintage inspired sporty outfit, we have combined the cream polo with a pair of pleated, white tennis trousers and white tennis shorts. 
We put this look together as a homage to what the tennis greats of old such as Fred Perry would have worn in the early 20th century.
We still think it can look cool and not too stuffy – it’s all in the attitude!

Outfit 5.
Navy polo, black linen sport coat, blue jeans, black and white bandana, black loafers
We’ve reimagined how a navy polo can be worn by pairing it with something slightly unusual – a black linen sport coat.
We think they look great together because the mix navy and black has a certain sultriness to it that we think makes a person look refined without looking stuck up.
The smoother texture of the cashmere silk of the polo and the slightly more slubby texture of the black linen contrast and complement each other nicely.

We chose a pair of slightly faded blue jeans, to provide some contrast against the much darker navy and black up on the top,
whilst keeping within the black/blue colour palette.
The more casual blue jeans also provide a contrast to the formal top half, and inject an element of youthfulness to the whole outfit.
In keeping with the black theme, we’ve finished the outfit with a black and white bandana to elevate the outfit, and black loafers.

Outfit 6.
Navy polo, high waisted, slim white jeans, blue and gold bandana, navy denim jacket, black loafers
Swapping the black linen sport coat out and replacing it with a dark navy raw denim jacket for a more casual look.
An unusual combination, to wear the polo with a denim jacket but we think they work really well together.
We love how the dark navy of the polo contrasts with the matt, slubby blue of the denim,
as well as how the smoother texture of the polo contrasts with the rugged texture of the denim jacket.
There is a nice balance between the two fabrics – a mix of refined and rugged.

The hint of gold on the bandana matches with the gold stitching on the denim jacket, and the blue of the bandana matches with the blue tones of the rest of the outfit.

We chose a pair of high waisted, slim white jeans to complete the contemporary look.
We also find that white works particularly well with dark navy as shown here –
it subconsciously draws one's mind to nautical themes and the prestige that is associated with maritime uniforms.

Outfit 7.
Navy polo, white shorts, blue Harrington, blue and white bandana
We finish off with a much more relaxed outfit.
Again, white shorts, hem rolled up to battle the heat, to go with the navy on top.
We’ve kept the palette quite tight on this outfit, instead playing around with different shades of blue and white.
We have the navy polo – the darkest of the lot, contrasting the petrol blue of the Harrington,
and the mid-blue of the western motif bandana.

The result is an outfit that doesn’t attract too much attention, yet well put together on account of the mix of blue and white shades,
despite it looking like the whole outfit has been carelessly thrown together as you rolled out of bed and straight to your morning riverside stroll. 

Outfit 8.
Brown polo, cream linen suit
We've kept it simple with this outfit, as we didn't feel like much else needed to be added.
There is not much more that says "high summer cool" like the combination of cream linen and dark brown. 
Another example where our polo can be used as a casual substitute for a shirt – for the perfect smart casual summer outfit.

The cashmere silk is a lightweight, luxurious mix of fibres and has a refined quality to the surface which works very well texturally with other light weight linens.

Outfit 9.
Brown polo, oatmeal cardigan, white trousers, tennis shoes
Staying within the cream/brown theme, we swapped out the linen suit for our superfine lambswool oatmeal cardigan, and a pair of white trousers, to casualise the outfit.

We like the combination of the brown polo with the oatmeal cardigan a lot,
not least because the colours go so well together, but also has a certain vintage flair.
Tennis players in the past would have layered clothes in a similar way, cardigan over their tennis polo after a match,
and our outfit is inspired by this time honoured tradition.