Style Journal | Vol. 3 | Cashmere Ribbed Submariner

 This is no ordinary cashmere rollneck.

Our cashmere ribbed submariner is the world’s highest quality, using only the crème de la crème of cashmere fibres,
spun into a heavy 4-ply cashmere yarn by renowned Scottish spinner Todd & Duncan, and then knitted and hand finished in the Scottish Borders by fourth generation knitters.

The sort of robust, investible cashmere knitwear that your grandparents would have enjoyed for a lifetime, then passed onto your parents, and then you.
It is luxuriously soft, much softer than any merino or lambswool you will have ever felt, but it is also densely knitted in a tight formation, a heritage technique lost in this generation,
thus creating a voluminous and hefty hand feel like no other, in contrast to a lot of cashmere you see nowadays that is loosely knitted and thin.

With its slim fit design and high rollneck, and a texture that is refined and smooth to touch, but with a slight rugged appearance due to its rib-stitch,
this cashmere rollneck is also an incredibly versatile piece, as much at home under a sport coat or leather jacket, as demonstrated in the variety of outfits we have put together below for your perusal.

- cashmere ribbed submariner rollneck in ecru -     

Outfit 1.

Vintage denim trucker, grey check trousers, black loafers
The rib-stitch pattern of the cashmere rollneck gives it a more rugged appearance compared to a plain stitch, allowing it to match well with another rugged piece such as the vintage denim trucker.
The ecru colour of the cashmere rollneck goes well with denim of any shade, but we find that it goes particularly well with medium or light denim, as shown here.
The light grey pleated check trousers complement the light ecru colour of the cashmere rollneck. The formal trousers provide a contrast against the more casual jacket.

 Outfit 2.

Grey check double breasted sport coat, charcoal flannels
Dress up the cashmere rollneck by swapping the denim jacket out for a double-breasted grey check sport coat.
Light cream tones in the sport coat complement the ecru colour of the cashmere rollneck.
The cashmere rollneck works as a stylish alternative to a shirt, with the added benefit of it being a lot warmer when the temperature drops.
The three pieces featured here fall within the same cold grey colour palette, but each has its own shade on the scale of light to dark
- the cashmere rollneck being the lightest ecru shade, followed by the medium grey shade of the sport coat, and lastly the dark charcoal trousers.
This allows enough contrast between the pieces, yet combining to create a tonal outfit. 
Outfit 3.
Grandpa’s vintage English tweed, beat up denim, brown suede chukka
For this outfit, we have paired the cashmere rollneck with a vintage brown tweed - a homage to the 90s, and a distinctly wintry look.
The woollen texture of the tweed complements the fleeciness of the soft cashmere rollneck.
The cashmere rollneck, being an ecru colour, works well within an outfit with a cream/brown palette, as well as an outfit with a blue/grey/black palette, as shown in outfit 2. above.
Outfit 4.
Wool twill navy blazer, grey check trousers
Our take on how our cashmere submariner rollneck can be worn to dress down the “menswear uniform”, consisting of the dark navy blazer with grey check trousers.
In keeping with the nautical theme, we’ve matched our cashmere rollneck with a proper vintage British Naval blazer, with slightly tarnished brass buttons.
We’ve missed shoulder pads somewhat, hence the prolific use of vintage blazers in our styling, but there is nothing stopping you wearing it with your favourite trusty soft-shouldered navy blazer.

- Cashmere Ribbed Submariner Rollneck in Camel -

Outfit 1.
Double denim, brown chelsea boots
We love that the camel colour on this cashmere submariner rollneck has a distinctly vintage 70s feel.
In line with this theme, for our first outfit, we have paired the cashmere rollneck with a denim on denim combination – high waisted jeans with vintage denim trucker.
The mustard stitching on the denim trucker matches the camel on the cashmere rollneck. We’ve ensured that the colour shade on the denims match.
We have found that this combination is best when the denim top and bottoms are both around a medium fade.
Finished off with a pair of brown chelsea boots to go with the camel cashmere rollneck.
Outfit 2.
Vintage brown leather bomber, charcoal trousers
We’ve matched the camel cashmere rollneck with a vintage brown leather bomber, to give the outfit a “battered cool” look.
The worn in creases on the leather bomber complements the rugged rib-stitch appearance of the cashmere rollneck.
When the winter is in full swing, this is one of those outfits that is equally warm and chic, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.


Outfit 3.
Brown glen check sport coat, cream jeans
Camel always works well with any brown tonal outfits, as shown here.
We have picked out a brown sport coat with light mustard and burgundy checks.
The mustard lines complement the camel cashmere rollneck, and the busier check pattern adds interest to the block colours of camel and cream of this outfit.
A handy "semi-formal" choice when it's freezing outside and you don’t just want to wear a shirt under your sport coat!

- Cashmere Ribbed Submariner Rollneck in Navy -

Outfit 1.
Olive corduroy sport coat, cream jeans
The dark navy on this cashmere rollneck works well with forest greens and dark olive colours, as shown here.
We’ve chosen corduroy, as opposed to a worsted, to pair with the navy cashmere rollneck, making the outfit slightly more casual.
The fuzzy texture of the corduroy complements the soft fluffy texture of the cashmere.
The cream jeans contrast the darker colours on top, whilst complementing the olive and navy.


Outfit 2.
Black biker, charcoal trousers
An example of our cashmere rollneck being dressed down here with a battered black leather biker.
The black biker is a casual, rugged piece but the refined cashmere rollneck makes the outfit look more “done up” overall, pursuing that balance between sophistication and chic.


Outfit 3.
Black and white houndstooth sport coat, charcoal trousers
Staying with the black theme, we have swapped out the black biker for a black and white houndstooth blazer to dress up the cashmere rollneck.
The flannel wool on the sport coat matches the cashmere texture of the rollneck well, both being woollens by nature.
We’ve gone for a sport coat with peak lapels and a slight belly for dramatic effect.

- Cashmere Ribbed Submariner Rollneck in Merlot -

Outfit 1.
Grey flannel suit, black chelsea boots
The merlot colour of this cashmere rollneck is a harmonious mélange of dark purple, grey, brown and off-white.
This nuanced mix of cashmere, as opposed to a plain block colour,
allows the cashmere rollneck to combine better with autumn winter colours commonly found in other garments such as charcoal, light grey and navy,
as exemplified by our styling here with a simple dark grey flannel suit.
Outfit 2.
Black denim trucker, grey flannel trousers, black chelsea boots
The merlot works well with black too, as can be seen here, where the grey flannel jacket is swapped out for a black denim trucker jacket. 
We’ve stayed with the grey flannel trousers, to make the bottom half of the outfit more formal, balancing out the more casual top half.