Cashmere beanie in oatmeal
Cashmere beanie in oatmeal
Cashmere beanie in oatmeal
Cashmere beanie in oatmeal

Cashmere beanie in oatmeal

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100% cashmere from Todd & Duncan
4-ply, 7 gauge 
c.70 grams 
Made in Hawick, Scotland
Also available in navy and dark olive 
Hand wash or dry clean. More garment care instructions here
Item code: CH-CSH-BEAN-OAT



A luxuriously soft yet durable rib-stitch knitted beanie in the world's finest 100% 4-ply cashmere, made to last. 

It is thicker and warmer than most standard beanies, coming in at c. 70 grams. Knitted with the same thickness of cashmere as our cashmere scarfs and chunky cashmere rollnecks (7 gauge using 2-ply cashmere), some may consider it a tad indulgent for a hat, but we think it is worth making. It will become apparent when you first put it on and realise how hard it is to part with something as warm, soft and sumptuous. 

The rib-stitch knit adds extra warmth. 

It is a versatile piece that is smart enough to be worn with tailoring but can also be dressed down with a casual outfit. Given it is breathable, be sure to bring it with you on long strolls by the sea or in the country.


Comes in one size, but is pliable and will stretch to suit most head shapes and sizes. 

The beanie is cut a bit shorter and designed for a smart, neat fit. It can be worn as a traditional beanie by turning up a smaller portion of fabric so that it still covers your ears, or worn as a watch cap, by turning up more of the fabric past the ears. 


Height 23cm x Width 23cm (when not turned up). Measurements are approximate. 

Unrivalled Quality 

We are confident in bringing you the world's finest cashmere knitwear because we only use the very best at every stage of manufacture:

Quality of fibre: 100% cashmere of the highest quality sourced from inner Mongolia. Fibre diameter is c. 15.5 microns and length is c. 38mm, making the fibre the world's finest and longest, which means the softest and most durable

Quality of yarn: 4-ply cashmere yarn produced by spinners Todd & Duncan at their Loch Leven Mill in Kinross, Scotland, industry heavyweights who have been spinning yarn for 150 years - world renowned for their consistently high quality and strong yarns. 

Quality of knit: knitted and washed by fourth generation heritage knitwear specialists in Hawick, the Scottish Borders, a region whose expertise in the trade is without compare. Garments are knitted tightly to minimise gaps and to ensure longevity.

Quality of wash: the finished product is carefully washed in pure Scottish waters with the precise balance of minerals, so that the garment is given its famous soft handle without compromising the integrity of the fibres. Scottish knitwear may feel a little stiff to begin with but will soften naturally with age.

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